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Oil on canvas 90x120, 2014.jpg
oil on canvas 100x100, 2014.jpg
oil on linen 100x130, 2015.jpg-1.jpg
TLV Polior on canvas 70x100,  2010.jpg
Neve Sha'anan 100x130 , 2014.jpg
oil on canva 100x110.jpg
Oil on canvas 78x123, 2010.jpg
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Olga 09.JPG
Olga 10.JPG
אולגה קונדינה, שביל המפעל, 2010, פוליאור על בד, 110_90 סמ.jpg
אולגה קונדינה, ללא כותרת, 2010, פוליאור על בד, 70_100 סמ.jpg
Olga 16.JPG
Current exhibitions and news
Regarding Africa: Contemporary Art and Afro-Futurism
ends December 9, 2016 - May 27, 2017


"Olga Kundina’s paintings mark Tel Aviv’s African territory: their titles bear the names of Tel Aviv streets (e.g. Hachmei Israel, 2015) or neighborhoods (e.g. Shapira, 2015), or portray the community’s central institutions—a hairdresser on Salameh Road (Hairdressing Salon, 2015) or The Men’s Club on Nave Shaanan, 2015). The figures are usually depicted from afar, without facial features: the women at the hairdresser’s are hidden behind the display window and red script in Amharic, the men are swallowed into the café, among television screens. Each painting has its own subject, but the emphasis on formalist values constantly redefines the power of the painting, and its dilemma: to narrate a tale or to be a painting. In Shapira, the two men carrying a red mattress against a murky white background create an odd, almost surreal scene, which extends the visible to the edge of coherence.  The red forms in Hairdressing Salon have a life of their own, and they alternately cut off from and return to the representations that incarcerate them—again becoming a display window and letters in a foreign language. Thus, the more the painting is attentive to its inner issues, so the African figures take on a double role: the protagonists of the routine life of an immigrant in Tel Aviv, as well as the protagonists of the painting’s drama." - Ruti Direktor, Curator of Tel Aviv Museum of Art
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